What is SIM Cloning? How can I protect my SIM card from cloning?


What is SIM Cloning?  How can I protect my SIM card from cloning?

What is SIM Cloning?  How can I protect my SIM card from cloning?

At this point I am going to share some essential information with you. The topic is "Sim Cloning" Collecting all information of enemy sims playing, calling using different numbers and stability switch details and tips on how to stay away from sim cloning. Hey guys, welcome to FactZon.com, and this time we are going to focus on sim cloning. Let's find out:

There are two problems with the SIM card. IMSI amount and MSISDN amount. The assign operator assigns the MSIDN. Along with these two things, some information, can I name your sim or not, ship message, name outside is  country, name forward, divert and many more. Uploaded to a file named HLR. This record data  divided into three record data. It consists of grab records data, devote records data and initial records data. Primary record data consists of a sequence of all types of formatted information that needs to access.

And all information related to cash contain in the IN system. For example, Rabite Eater says OCS.

Now each HLR and OCS knows the initial line of IMSI and MSISDN information These two information may ask during sim cloning. When creating a name, the IMSI is not even sent to the community known as TMSI Shipped. So the name is unimaginable to get through the community across time.

If you want to know the IMSI, you must log into the HLR and extract the IMSI. To attempt this, the entire cellular phone operator community would have to breach through hacking. Procuring the expensive equipment required for this is unthinkable for a common man.

Many people have seen the movie Nationwide Treasure. There, the villain sim clones protagonist Nicolas Cage's father. Although even in that Hollywood film, cloning is still possible after Danda Myra renders the hero unconscious by copying data from his SIM. Insinuating cloning him by giving him a misspelled name and calling him again might be funny. Your SIM can get cloned if it gets into someone's hands. But is there much desire for cloning if the sim is in his hands? In short, it can be a theoretical matter. Sim cloning is unimaginable. So I don't want to worry about it. Besides, if sooner or later such an attack strategy developed, you can be knowledgeable and advised on how to stay away from it. "Cyber ​​71" continues and may continue to work to protect the nation's people from misguided cyber attacks and strengthen our online world.


What is SIM Cloning?  How can I protect my SIM card from cloning?

1. What's SIM Clone?

If the SIM you are using use by another person or you find that two people are using the same amount at the same time or you discover that the stability of your cellular phone connection amount is dropping for no purpose, then you are a victim of SIM clone.

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2. Easy methods to Turn out to be a Sufferer of SIM Clone?

If you get a missed name from an unknown quantity and name, then you might be a victim of SIM cloning. Criminals clone your amount through certain software programs. If you again name the amount with the missed name, your amount may clone through the software program. In case of SIM cloning, the information stored on your SIM will transfer to the cloned amount. And your privacy may compromise . 3- What problems can you face after SIM cloning?

Usually, terrorists or miscreants can use your amount to endanger your life. In different phrases, if someone makes a death threat, extortion or terrorist connection with that amount, clear accountability falls on you. So you can be caught  by law enforcement. Later you may face various problems.

  • Recently 100,000 SIMs have cloned in India. Intelligence forces are on extra alert there. India's intelligence agencies say that many crimes commit through SIM cloning.
  • Six cell operators should not have any details about sim cloning in Bangladesh. Yet, the intelligence agency of Bangladesh said that such an amazing incident can happen at any time.

Easy methods to be Protected From Sim Cloning ?

  • Should you receive a missed name from an unknown quantity, try to determine whose quantity it is before calling again. Or stop calling again.
  • Word that sim cloning will lead to missed calls. If you get a direct ring, you won't be a victim of sim cloning, so beware of missed calls.
  • Immediately name the middle of the decision if your cellular phone stability drops for no purpose.
  • Turn off your cellular phone now and name your amount from another amount. See if it plays. If it rings, you are a victim of SIM cloning.

Everyone be careful, stay well.

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